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The 2015 Daily Musings Journals have sold out!
Info on the 2016 Daily Musings Journal will be available later this summer.

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Do you want to bring some color, fun and creative play into your journaling practice?

I created the Daily Musings Journal simply because I needed to do this myself.

It all began many years ago. I first started with day planners that I bought to track my workouts, adventures, thoughts, and feelings.

But soon these day planners began to feel restrictive, especially because they never gave me the same space for each day of the week. I almost started believing they were made for people who didn’t like the weekend – and fun and play.

After I was sure I wasn’t going to find the kind of journal I needed to fulfill my desire for a different kind of space, I began creating my own design, using a blank spiral bound journal I made.

I experimented with how I wanted to use the space, creating each week by hand. Creating week by week and month by month, I was perpetually behind and sloppy, so my motives for creating the Daily Musings Journal were partly selfish:
I wanted to have the entire next year ready for the adventures of the new year – before the new year started!

How the journal has evolved:

2015 WeekSpread_450


How I use my Daily Musings Journal is constantly evolving, but I’ve settled on a design that, at least for now, I love.

I thought, there must be others of you out there that would love to have some open, yet defined space on which to muse about your daily adventures, thoughts, feelings, gratitudes and more!

And I wasn’t wrong!


2014 was the first year of the Daily Musings Journal and I’m happy to say that I’m not the only who loves journaling this way.
This year, even more people have already decided they want to become a daily musings enthusiast and grabbed a copy of the 2015 Daily Musings Journal.

How about you?

Do you wish to have a different kind of space for your musings, a journal that makes the whole practice of daily journaling more fun – and simple?

If yes, come on in and join us on the daily musings adventure this year!

The Daily Musings Journal is:

  • A place for reflection and self-discovery
  • A spot to capture your memories before you forget them
  • A tool for tracking your food, exercise, feelings, gratitudes, ____________(fill in your need!)
  • A nook to create your one sentence journal (inspired by Gretchen Rubin)
  • A corner to write a haiku each day, if that’s your thing
  • A place to record your triumphs and milestones
  • A space to add color and joy to your week

      The list could go on…

In short, the Daily Musings Journal is the perfect companion that will bring you creativity, gratitude, self-discovery, mindfulness and all the other gifts in the art of journaling.

Once you start using the Daily Musings Journal, you won’t be able to do without it anymore.

The 2015 Daily Musings Journal includes:

  • 144 pages plus cover – 7″w x 9″h wire-o bound
  • Spacious musings pages to begin each month and a few extra at the front and back
  • A month calendar for each month of 2015 with the new moon & full moon noted for each month
  • A spread for each week of 2015
  • A hand-drawn space for each day of each week
  • Enough space to add color, sketches, notes, ideas, etc
  • A color-in mandala based on the cover design, and several other color-in play pages
  • A note from me with fun ideas for working with your Daily Musings – including several doodle icon ideas

All the lettering that looks hand-drawn (the words, along with the boxes) are… well… hand-drawn! By yours truly, Lisa – the mountain mermaid.

The clean black and white design lends itself – begs, really, for color! Thin line markers and colored pencils work really well. It’s also fun to use a plain old lead pencil to create a lovely monochromatic look.

If this journal sounds, feels and looks like something that will give you fun space to muse and create in 2015, like it has given to many in 2014, grab your own copy while they’re still available!

Oh, don’t forget that the Daily Musings Journal also makes a great gift, especially for the Holiday season (wink wink! :) )

Each copy costs $24.95. And you can find all the details to purchase at the bottom of this page. The 2015 Daily Musings Journals have sold out! Thank you for all your support — I am so happy they have all found loving homes for 2015. I’ll be back next year — please sign up for updates here if you want to be the first to learn about the 2016 edition. You may still be able to find a copy at the retail locations below.

The 2015 Daily Musings Journal is now available at fine retail establishments in Aspen, Colorado; Boulder, Colorado; and Salida, Colorado

Love for the Daily Musings Journal

JulieVineVideoThe last thing I do every night when I go to bed is to record the day’s goings on in my journal. Sometimes I’ll be marking on some extraordinary activity or event I’ve been grateful for and other times it’s as mundane as the weather and what I had to eat that day. Its my simple, no-brainer way of tracking time and feelings and has been my daily practice for over four years – and Lisa’s Daily Musings Journal is the perfect vehicle for it. There’s just enough space to record my entry without feeling it’s a burden, and plenty of space to get creative with glitter pens, if I’ve the urge! Honestly, I can’t imagine using a different set up next year – my 2014 journal is such a treasure.

~ Julie Gibbons, Artful Self Discovery Guide

Click here to check out Julie’s Vine video!




I am really enjoying my Musings Journal, Lisa. It is part of my creative practice ~ I use it just like you suggested with a sketch, doodle or zentangle as a reminder for the day.

~ C. Hart

Thanks, C, for sharing your images of your beautiful musings!




Thanks, Lisa! I really like my 2014 Daily Musings Journal!

~ B. Gonzalez-Rico

Click here to check out B’s blog post on her musings!


I’m loving the Musings Journal I ordered from you and I use it as my Gratitude Journal. It’s surprising how I want to fill the blank spaces with doodles and words and how much fun it is.
I was actually going to get a different planner that had pictures and such already on it, but I was drawn to your journal and I really do love it. Last night I ended up doodling all over the page!

~ P. Denzer


shannon_image_WThe Daily Musings Journal is what keeps me super-orgnazied for all the tasks that must be done for my business, The Writing Whisperer. The full-page calendar layout is used to plan my editorial calendar for the month. And each blank box, reserved for each day of the year, is used to house my to-do list for each day. I have learned that if my list goes “beyond” the hand-drawn box, it’s too much on my plate that day and I need to back off. This journal brings me so much joy and clarity. I like that I have the option to color, if the mood strikes, but the most important aspect for me is that it is line-free and allows me to write in any shape, form, or size that I desire.

~ M. Shannon Hernandez, The Writing Whisperer


me3_sidebarLisa, aka the mountain mermaid, is a creative, independent spirit whose motto in life is Create, Play, Thrive. She lives in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. When she’s not out exploring the trails she can often be seen pedaling around town with her colorful bag of journaling supplies. Embracing her creative life is an ongoing adventure, a journey that she loves and trusts more each year – and hopes to inspire others to do the same. To help inspire others she has created the Daily Musings Journal — which provides a space for simple daily creative journaling practice. The Daily Musings Journal was born from her need for the perfect space her own personal practice. She also provides innovative business support and graphic design services for passionate creative entrepreneurs.
Thank you for being on this journey with me!